A Police Commissioner per Excellence

CP Mohammed ‘Yaya Yelwa’ Wakili will retire on age and service years grounds in a matter of weeks. This officer has served several years under his juniors who have had the opportunity of political correctness and blindness to merit to go ahead of him. His juniors have made DIG and even retired, while his mate(?) has made IGP. At present, they are super rich with huge bank accounts, property and influence. It is by some fluke he found himself as CP in Katsina and now Kano, where today he has become a shining star and is the only credible police officer Nigeria can be proud of. Normally, officers like him are reserved for difficult jobs and when they stabilize things, special boys are sent to take over. They sent him to Kano to fail, but Allah said – Enough is enough of this nonsense! Not at the end of your career! Yaya Yelwa like several hardworking, committed and patriotic public servant retired or still in service will soon pass into oblivion and some undescript, privileged brat of a lobbyist with all the connections will be saddled with responsibilities beyond their capacity. Yayan Yelwa will retire back to Gombe and there his people will niggle him and ask him where his Gaskiya (integrity) has brought him. they will remind him that that was how his father, Atiku’s contemporary served the Nigerian Customs Service, retired and died with nothing to show for it, in spite of all the opportunities he should have taken. They will assure him that poverty is his family’s DNA. I only hope he even has a house to retire to. I know him well enough having spent four years and a half in University of Maiduguri. Yayan Yelwa shared his scholarship allowance with anyone needy and will lack even meal ticket to feed. His motorcycle On campus was named – People’s Honda. He will have no one but his wife and children, who will only tolerate him because he remains painfully their husband and father. He will be left on a paltry pension that cannot even pay his phone bills, fuel his car and feed his family well enough through the month. The service he sacrificed for and his envious colleagues will make him pariah. He will be unwelcome around the police force, just as his advice will be negated – Go and eat your integrity and professionalism, they will tell him. Same thing happened to him at EFCC where as a founding officer he had to work under two of his juniors. This is Nigeria. There are thousand of Mohammed Alkalis wasting, but never in regret as daily the nation slides. the lazy Nigerian press are selling volumes out of his current status, but were never there through his earlier behind the scene diligent service. When he leaves, like flies they are, they will swarm on another easy prey. They have never found or celebrated a humble and obscure patriot. Yayan Yelwa won’t even retire as an AIG, he also may not have a lavish pulling out ceremony. But as Allah has sanctioned, the common people of Kano will line the road up to Gombe in his honour, Insha-Allah! A hero of my generation, indeed! Thanks Mohammed for representing us – Class of University of Maiduguri 1982. You are another pride!

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