Introduction to Computers

Computers are used at all the times by the modern society in every endeavor. In our banks and super markets we use computers to keep records and balance of our transactions. In our schools, computers are used in teaching, marking, and result processing

What is a Computer?

Any machine  capable of calculating figures, storage, processing to give the needed result as out put with high speed based on the instructions given to it  is called a computer. Generally, a computer is made up of two major components; hardware and software.


The hardware components make up the computer configuration and it in three major classes viz; processor, peripherals, and auxiliary hardware.


This refers to the series of instructions carried out by the hardware to perform certain task. Therefore, computer software composes of instruction which enable the hardware to carry out specific task.

Characteristics Of Computers 

  • Computers Perform complex activities and arithmetic operations
  • They can be programmed to perform complex, tedious, and monotonous jobs 
  • Computers calculates at a very high speed without error 
  • Computers can store huge amount of data can be stored and retrieved
  • Computers perform task with high degree of accuracy.
  • Versatility: – computers are capable of performing series of tasks provided it can be reduced to logical steps.
  • Computer has internal ability to monitor operational parameters as long as it is programmed correctly.
  • It can process task with diligence, loyalty and obedience without tiredness or depression 

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