Classification of Computers 2

This unit will attempt to categorize computers according to:

  1. Size and speed of operation
  2. The type of data these computers receive and give out
  3. The number of functions the can perform.  
  1. Classification According To Sizes And Speed Of Operation 

1. Monster

     These are the types of computers with mighty power and huge in size, they are the fastest, largest and the most expensive of all computers. 


  1. For scientific and military research 
  2. High capacity computers used in big organizations
  3. Used in weather forecasting, space exploration and simulations, and geographic expeditions of oil.  

 2. Mainframe Computers

 They are those larger computers that needs specially air conditioned rooms. They are capable of great processing speed and huge data storage. These types of computers have a closed system architecture i.e. they are usually built for specific capacity and task.

3. Mini Computers

They are called medium range computers that fall between mainframe and micro computers in the processing and data storing capacity. These types of computers are used in the medium size organizations for research and monitoring particular process.

Common characteristics 

  1. They are less expensive
  2. They have smaller memory and word length 
  3. They are suitable for dedicated purposes
  4. They doesn’t require complex management structure 

  4.    Micro Computers

These types of computers are the smallest of others, and they derived their name from the main computing component located in one integrated circuit in them called micro-processor. They are accessible, interactive, and they are common tools in all areas of life. 

  • Modularity – they have inbuilt expansion slot
  • Size- they are portable and small
  • Cost – they are very cheap and affordable
  • Speed- they are not faster than other classes of computers  

These types of computers can operate in an environment that at the temperature not beyond 400C. the major manufactures of these computers include, Dell, Compaq, IBM, NEC, Apple Inc, Gateway, HP, Samsung, LG, Asus e.t.c .

Types Of Micro Computers:

Micro-computers are categorized based on their sizes; this miniaturization comes as a result of a development.

  1. Desktop: – These are the type of computers that can be set on top of desk, supporting other peripherals and it has large storing device that is very speedy. 

 A Desktop Computer

  1. Laptop: – Is a mini-computer that can be placed on the laps and also can fit into a brief case. This computer can be powered by either Alternative Current (AC) or Lithium battery.  

A Laptop Computer

  1. Notebook: – These types of personal computer looks exactly like a laptop but it are very light but have all the features of mini- computers.

 A Notebook

  1. Palm Top: – This type of computer is small enough to be carried in palm of the hand and equally powerful as other mini-computers.   

A Palm Top

  1. Workstations: – This implies the use of networking links and also allowing multitasking so that data are processed and shared among different users. They are more powerful than personal computers  

 A Workstation

  1. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs):- These devices are called pocket PCs, they contain all the applications of PCs and they are capable of performing the entire task that Pcs performs.      


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