Computer Application Areas

We shall discuss in this unit the considerable areas that computers are used to aid works i.e. the general application of computers in our daily life.


Computer in Education

Computers are used nowadays in teaching the basic skills. For instance the computer aided Instruction (CAI) which helps children to learn on their level through logical practice, tutorials and also the teaching of deaf with special adaptor. Separate sheets and word processing are used to prepare examinations for students and management of students’ grades. There is e-learning in the classrooms and now students learn through the internet. Majority number of teachers uses computer graphics, video, diskette, CD-ROMs and other digital media to convey information to the students. Some teachers use power point in their presentation of the lesson


Computer in Medicine

Computers are being asset in the provision of health services. They are used in diagnosing illness and controlling delicate surgical procedures. The management system information in our hospitals, billing system and drug administration is also computerized. In pharmacy computers are used to measure equal proportion of elements content in drugs.


Computers in Business

Professional office employs computerized database programs, simulation, inventory control, accounting program, payrolls, military, designing, air reservation all these are done with computers.

Computer In Science Of Technology

Computers are used in processing scientific data ranging from statistics and biological growth, analytical chemistry and engineering.

 Computer In Office Management

This implies using computers to make great impact in the areas of modern office equipments such as in typing communicating medium are all computerized.


Computers In Communication  

The computer has the capability of connecting people from different parts of the world through networking.

Recreation Amusement And Gaming

The use of computer at home offers a number of advantages over the electronic alternatives it allows one to practice in privacy, keep one off streets and out of the arcades and teaches one something.

Computer In Government

The area of taking decision and planning, forecasting and budgeting and so on. The use of computer to make logical decision faster than man is exploited.

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