Governor Badaru sets new guidelines for local government councils in Jigawa

Governor Muhammad Badaru of Jigawa State has directed all the local government councils to start paying to the contributory pension scheme when ever they received their federal allocation before any other issue.

Governor Badaru disclosed this while commenting on the local government autonomy at a press conference in Dutse.

He explained that state government had mandated all the local governments councils chairmen to start with payment of approved amount to the state and local government contributory pension scheme then follows by teachers salaries and local governments workers.

He said pension and salaries were some of the few issues the state government remained strong on, to guarantee the survival of the scheme and continue to support the workers and retirees that have served the state for their livelihood to continue.

“The moment their money hits the accounts, they must transfer to the pension scheme what is due for the pensioners; then whether it is enough to pay salaries or not, then follows by teachers and local government workers salaries before any other things thing,” he noted.

Badaru said the new guidelines is aimed at ensuring the welfare of workers and pensioners and to keep government promises on the prompt payments salaries and pensions in the state on or before the 25th of every month.

He said some local governments in the state where only be able to pay salaries after state government supported them from contingency funds.

Governor Badaru said the local government autonomy is blessing to the Jigawa State Government as it bring out what state government is doing towards the development of the state.

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