2 of 7 Vital Advanced Google Image Search Tips

Google is the world’s home for searching the web, so is Google Images the most popular place to search for pictures. Enter any query, and you’ll see thousands of images related to it. It’s easy enough, but what if you want to go deeper?

If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of image results, or want to learn some advanced tricks for getting more out of Google Images, start with these tips.

First: How do You Do a Google Image Search?

Before we jump into the advanced tricks, let’s cover the basics. To search Google for an image, simply visit Google Images. You can click the Images link in the top-right of Google’s homepage to get there quickly.

Type what you want to search for into the bar and press Enter. You’ll likely see tons of results. Click an image to view it in a callout box. This will display its resolution and related images, as well as buttons for visiting the page, sharing it, and saving it for later.

1. Take Advantage of Search Tools

Underneath the Images search bar, you’ll see a few links. One of them is Tools, which provides you with several ways to filter your searches. After clicking Tools, you’ll have the following filters available:

  • Size: Choose from pre-selected sizes like LargeMedium, and Icon. You can also select Larger than to specify a minimum size, or Exactly to only show images of a particular dimension.
  • Color: Shows only images in Full colorBlack and white, or those that are Transparent. Also lets you filter images by a certain color.
  • Usage rights: Lets you only show images that are labeled for reuse in various scenarios. Most images Google shows aren’t freely available for use, so make sure you have permission to use them in your own endeavors.
  • Type: Shows images types like FacesClip art, and animated.
  • Time: Allows you to search for images uploaded in a certain time frame.
  • More tools: Select Show sizes to see each image’s resolution on its thumbnail.
  • Clear: Click this after applying one or more of the above to remove those filters.
Google Image Search Tools

2. Search By File Type

If you’re only interested in a particular image file type, there’s no point sifting through all the results looking for it. Instead, you can use an advanced operator. Just add filetype:pngto search for PNG images, for example.JPEG, GIF, or PNG? Image Filetypes Explained and TestedJPEG, GIF, or PNG? Image Filetypes Explained and TestedDo you know the differences between JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, and other image filetypes? Do you know when you should use one instead of the other? Fear not, MakeUseOf explains everything!READ MORE

Once you enter this and search, the filetype text will disappear. But rest assured that you’ll only see images of that type. What’s more, this will add a new command to the Toolsmenu. You’ll see PNG files (or whatever you entered) and can click this dropdown to select another file type such as JPG or BMP.

Google Image Search by Filetype

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