The Apple Card is now available, at least for those with an invite

Eager to get an Apple Card? Invites are now rolling out, at least to some select few. 

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After CEO Tim Cook announced the Card would arrive in August, Apple on Tuesday began the initial deployment of its new branded credit card, sending out email invitesto some of those who signed up to be “notified” that the card was indeed now available. A larger public launch is due for later this month. 

Created in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, the Apple Card sees Apple expand into the world of finance. Promising no annual fees, late fees or over-the-limit fees. Sign-up and management of the card are handled through the iPhone’sWallet app on iOS 12.4, which is also where interested users can apply for the card. 

In addition to removing a number of fees, Apple’s cashback card will offer up to 3% back on purchases made directly from Apple (including digital purchases and subscriptions), 2% cashback on any purchase made using Apple Pay and 1% cashback on purchases made with the physical, titanium card.  

Cashback is put back into your account every day through a feature the company calls “Daily Cash,” and can be used to pay down your bill or send to friends through Apple Cash. 

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