Shayk Ahmadu Lobbo, also known as Sekou Amadou Lobbo, was the Fulbe (Fulani) founder of the Massina Empire in the Inner Niger Delta, now the Mopti Region of Mali. He ruled as Almami from 1818 until his death in 1845, also taking the title Sise al-Masin.

He was once asked by his fellow worshipers, what is the beginning and the end of a human being. He said this in his sermon:

The first cry of a baby is the beginning of human being, but not the beginning of the commencement of a human being.

As a human being, you have five steps of life.

The first one is from birth to 21 years old where in the first seven years you are treated as a king, and at 14 you are called to learn about future, and at 21 you are not anymore dependent to your parents, you plan your own life.

The second step you live the life of donkey because at that stage from 21 to 35, you get married, you have children, you are only to feed the needs of your family. You become a bearer.

The third step you live the life of a dog, you always scold at your children by dictating to them what is good and bad.

The fourth step you live the life of a monkey, from 60 to 70 years old your sight has decreased, always your hand on your face.

The fifth step you will live the life of a snake from 80 to 100 years and very near to your grave. Your equilibrium is dragging you towards ground.

Besides you will not die until five angels come to you:

  1. The first angel is the holder of your life’s fortune. He will come to you and tell you that he has gone through nocturnes and light (day and night) but he did find anything remaining for you as fortune from God.
  2. The second will come to you and say I have gone through darkness and light but my Lord told me there is no seed (food) for you.
  3. The third angel will come to you and say I went through day and night but there is no remaining water for you.
  4. The forth angel will come and tell you I went through obscurity and light but there is no remaing breath for you.
  5. The fifth angel will come and tell you my Lord has ordered me to take your soul and you will pass away.

But remember it is not your end. Your components are made of five things:

  1. Your body will go back to where it came from. You are dust and you will go back to dust as our Lord told to prophet Adam.
  2. Your wife will be married and your children will be spread on earth.
  3. Your wealth be inherited.
  4. Your soûl will go back to God. No one knows where the soul is in our body, neither will we know where God will take it to in hereafter.
  5. Your religion (what you follow in this world whether believer or none) will be the only thing you own and you will be questioned of.

So, never say you are not fortuned, because none of what you have belongs to you.

Credit: Usain Ahmadu Diallo.

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